Alex Albuerne

Product Designer

From Asturias, Spain

Working remotely

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Logo design, brand & identity


During my specialization in digital and interface design, I attended a talk by Sagi Haviv at the IED Madrid. The event was called 'It's never love at first sight', but for me, it was completely the opposite. I liked everything he explained, described, and showed, and it was at that moment when I realized that I wanted to continue learning logo design.

From that time, I began to watch and explore more courses on logo design, branding, visual identity, and even started sketching my first tests and proposals. I didn't have a solid graphic design background at the time, which posed a significant challenge to me.

I've created logos for various disciplines and clients, ranging from developing identities for internal company projects to designing logos and branding for small businesses aiming to establish their presence in the market.

I believe that the combination of brand and interface is the perfect match. It's like a continuation of the design work, and then, all the narrative, assets, and complementary elements are harmonious and cohesive across all media and resources.

When I begin a project, I thoroughly immerse myself in understanding the needs and philosophy of the business. I aim to gain insights into their potential clients, market fit, and other pertinent information that will enable me to craft a brand identity that effectively represents the company across all channels.

The initial stages are the most thrilling for me. It's when I gather and curate references, creating mood boards to establish the brand's visual identity and the direction it should take. In a vast landscape of projects with excellent executions and solutions, we can leverage these references to build the foundation of the brand. From this starting point, we continue refining it until we develop a solution that resonates with the clients and their target audience.

Typography, color theory, and the thoughtful use of elements and shapes constitute the perfect blend to elevate a brand to the next level. I make diligent efforts to stay current with brand new releases and maintain an extensive list of typography references for my upcoming projects.

In the end, I always relish the opportunity to transform the final solution into mockups and apply the brand to tangible items. This allows me to demonstrate how well the visual identity accommodates the various constraints and how effectively it will perform when the client launches it across both digital and physical assets.

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