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From Asturias, Spain

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Listi is a powerful wishlist app that lets you create, manage, and share lists of items you like for special occasions with your closest family and friends.

By default, the lists are private, and users can invite and share the list with anyone they choose. This allows the group to organize themselves, assign items, temporarily reserve products until shopping is completed, and engage with other people who are interested in contributing to the same product or have any other ideas or recommendations.

The app also allows users to upload various attributes about the product to ensure accuracy, such as a picture, a recommended URL where to find the product, the estimated price at that moment, and any other additional information.

Obviously, the owner of the list is not aware of what people are blocking or checking, so when the event arrives, all the items received will be a surprise.

The concept involves developing a web-based application with plans to expand into native apps for both iOS and Android devices. Looking ahead, the app's potential includes features such as recommending items based on previous activity, simplifying the process of adding web-linked content to lists, and the versatility of using wishlists for personal purposes, such as shopping lists or to-do lists.

At this point, the application is in progress. The main screens are already developed for the web, but some other key functionalities are still in development. We hope to release the first stable version soon, and you will be among the first users of the app.

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